A consignment shop is community dependent upon clients who are interested in recirculating and recycling previously owned merchandise.

New To You’s consignors support the community by recycling quality used items and making them affordable to the local community.  Essentially, the store is powered by the community and in return supports the local area by placing spending dollars in consignors’ pockets.

New To You supports the community be featuring local artists, showcasing handmade jewelry, greeting cards, and artwork available for purchase.

Some or all clothes that haven’t sold within a certain time period are donated to the following local organizations.  

The Action Center:  ActionCenter | Home (

Christian Action Guild:  HOME | Cag3 (

Denver Rescue Mission:  Denver Rescue Mission | Help people experiencing homelessness today.

Family Tree: Welcome to Family Tree | Family Tree (

Impact Locally:

Stout Street Recovery Foundation:  Colorado Rehab Center, Drug & Alcohol Rehab - Stout Street Recovery

Thank you for supporting your local community!

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